Parallel City by Russ Kuhner
to Nov 20

Parallel City by Russ Kuhner

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Parallel City


Reflected moments of quiet beauty in the city of hustle and grit


Blurring the line between photojournalism and fine art, Russ Kuhner's "Parallel Cities" collection grew out of his fascination with seeing the tops of buildings rise out of puddles in gutters and on the street. His images suggest a parallel world beyond a puddle’s edge or the boundary formed by a curb. The photographs not only capture people coming and going through reflected cityscapes, the lens simultaneously penetrates the surface of the reflection to capture bits of pavement, leaves and litter. These fragments of grit, layered with people against their familiar surroundings, create a re-vision of place.


The esthetic that infuses Russ' photojournalism grew out of his studies in media arts and multimedia production for dance and theater at the University of Michigan. His work has been published in the New York Times, Time Out New York, MSNBC and various travel sites.


You can contact him by emailing:

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Roy Wade Solo Exhibition
to Oct 16

Roy Wade Solo Exhibition

Galeria is happy to announce and invite you to the new art opening of the month. September will feature the art of Roy Wade. Starting on the 19th “A Solo Exhibition” will be exposed for the whole month. The event will start with an opening reception for the artist, which will start at 6pm!

You are invited to come along. Bring love, happiness, friends and family.
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