Current Exhibition: Russ Kuhner

Pieces available until November 19th! Come Check it out - 43 Clinton Street Lower East Side

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Art Gallery Space

Galeria, in portuguese, means gallery, and it will also work as an art gallery! But it won't be what we see everyday around or what any conventional art gallery is. Galeria will have month long art exhibitions. Every month hosting a different new upcoming artist.

Interaction is what would make Galeria different from any other art gallery. Galeria will not work as a static white wall with paintings as we see everyday around, to the contrary.  I want to give space for socialization. I don’t want to be a gallerist, I just want to empower artists making them feel that they have a space for themselves, to expose their art the way they want. I want to put all these artists around us together, to enjoy everything in a place such as Galeria. The future starts already in the present when you think about something new. 


UpComing Exhibition: Stephane Pequignot

November 20th to December 18th

opening reception November 20th 6pm-8pm

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